The key to success is committed employees, and employee engagement is crucial in achieving quality, efficiency and profitability as an enterprise. As the competition within the labour market strives, more knowledge is needed to attract the right skills needed. Listen to Svante Randlert talking about how employers can become every employees first choice. To see this page in Swedish, click here.

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Why lectures?

We are experts in the target group young professionals and knows what would be decisive for attracting and recruiting them. We have captured market shares the last 4 years and have had the most satisfied clients for the past seven years. Academic Work grew from zero in revenue to two and a half billion and has started operations in six countries in only 19 years. We also have the highest level of engagement in the Nordic region among our internal staff.

About Svante Randlert

Svante Randlert, with his +130 lectures, is one of Sweden's most hired lecturers when it comes to attract, recruit and develop employees. Svante has collected his own and Academic Works experiences and talks about how companies should do to become an employees first choice. Svante has helped hundreds of companies and organizations in Sweden over the years and is one of 4 lecturers among over 1000, who over the years managed to get the highest rated 5.0 of a whole audience at Sweden's largest management network Close.

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