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Advert-ID: 15098697

Developers to Scania I-Talent Program 2024!

Scania CV Aktiebolag

For the eighth time, Scania is launching their popular I-Talent Program! This program is designed for you with a strong passion for development, who is happy to contribute with new fresh ideas and wants to be part of the work of driving the transition towards a more sustainable transport industry! If you will graduate the spring of 2024 or have maximum of a couple of years of work experience in your IT career, this programis for you!

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Company: Scania CV Aktiebolag

City: Södertälje

Job Category: IT

Extent: Full time

Start date: September 2024

Type of work: Recruitment

About the role

Scania is one of Sweden's largest companies and offers trucks and buses for heavy transport in combination with a wide range of product-related services. Their mission is to drive the transition to a sustainable transport system by developing a safe, smart and energy-efficient transport solutions that are better for both people and our planet. Today, Scania have around 50,000 employees in around 100 countries and together with partners and customers they are driving the transition towards a more sustainable transport industry and are both trend setters and pioneers in electrification and sustainable transport systems.

Together with several other I-talents, you will be offered a unique chance to participate in a program that will kick-start your journey at Scania. You are employed in a specific role and belong to a team but alternate the work in your role with meetings together with the other I-talents. The program starts every fall and is designed for you who are new in your career and aim to give you the best possible conditions to grow into your role. I-talent Program consists, in addition to daily work in your team, mainly of three parts - "Learning your professional role", "Go-and-see" and "Training". This provides very good opportunities to build a good network within Scania and in addition to your I-talents colleagues and your closest manager, you will be assigned a buddy who will be there for you the first time. At Scania, you are offered a multicultural work environment with ambitious colleagues and a company that invests in leadership. There is room for everyone to grow here, regardless of whether you want to be a generalist, specialist, or a leader. If you have the right attitude and are motivated to take responsibility, you will have all chances to develop!

Role descriptions

OBSERVE! As we are recruiting for several roles at Scania, we want you to select the 2-3 roles that you are most interested in and emphasize this in your CV and cover letter. OBS 2: The advert can be updated with more roles the coming months.

CAD/CATIA Development Scania is currently undergoing an exciting transformation from a pure truck manufacturer to offering sustainable and complete transport solutions. IT is a crucial part of this transformation and Scania IT has embarked on an exciting journey of change to contribute to this development. Part of this change is to adapt the CAD and PDM section's systems and this is what you will be working on! The development are primarily in C, but in the future also in Java, and we are looking for you who are passionate about development and are attracted by the challenge of getting people and technology to work together to achieve the best results. You will belong to a large department and work in a role with many contact points and this is a role for you who thrive in an outgoing work environment where knowledge is shared with each other. You don't have to know everything from the beginning, but the most important thing is your ambition and desire to develop!

Network/Infrastructure As an infrastructure engineer, you belong to the department who delivers network solutions to Scania's R&D, production and Commercial Operations both in Sweden and internationally. The group consists of approximately 40 employees divided into three teams, of which you will belong to one of these. Your duties concern the configuration of network equipment and network security and you will work closely with the business and translate the needs into technical solutions. In addition to participating in the work with everything from architecture to design to understand business requirements, you will also contribute to the work of maintaining company standards and policies for the area. You work in a role with a large range of technology, there is a lot to understand and complex IT environments, but that´s also what makes the role so exciting! Scania is a large company with many users and we believe that this is a perfect role for you who want to come in and understand how everything is connected technically. We believe that you have an education in IT/technology and focus on network and IT security, but the most important thing is your willingness to learn, that you have an open mind and take great responsibility for your own development!

Junior Solution Architect - Supply Chain Network IT As a Junior Solution Architect, you belong to the team that works with several different logistics systems used in the area. Scania is now on an exciting transformation journey and your role will for example include; gathering requirements from the operations, mapping different functions and analyzing what needs exist in the logistics area. The job involves defining a target architecture and upgrading/adapting today's system solutions to a modern ERP, Cloud and integration solutions. You will collaborate with colleagues from different cultures and different ages, including developers, architects and logistics operations. Perhaps you have experience from development and want to take a step up and be part of the the work with the larger solution where you get to provide input on which technologies should be used and what the solution should look like. We are looking for you who have the desire to learn, are curious, outgoing and responsive and you are offered a good opportunity to collaborate and learn from senior colleagues!

Sales and Marketing IT As part of the Sales and Marketing IT team, you work to develop a support system that is used by Scania's sales unit around the world. The sales system is used in the sales process to support matching transport solutions with the customers' needs. The application is mainly developed in .NET/C#, Python and Angular, and is implemented in a cloud solution. Three teams develop the sales support together, with agile principles as a basis in a DevOps environment, which means being responsible for the entire development chain including deployment and monitoring. The team values ​​quality, which is present both in the development phases and through testing. In the team, you will be met by a pleasant, positive, multicultural and competent developer group, where there are good opportunities to grow.

Product Customization As part of the product customization team, you work with Scania's system that ensures quality, safety, and extends the product life cycle. From a quality and sustainability perspective, the team works to secure updates to the integrated software in the trucks, as well as make product adaptations in alignment with the latest updates. The product is developed primarily in AWS, Python, Angular and TypeScript and they work with both front and backend. In the team, you become part of an open and agile group, where you are encouraged to be independent and take great ownership for your work. Here you will collaborate closely with your team and have many contact pointswithin Scania with stakeholders and product owners.

Digital Workplace - Collaboration and Automation The team is responsible for several internal projects where they are currently implementing and delivering Microsoft solutions; Power Platform and SharePoint. These will be developed and adapted to Scania's internal employees with the aim of optimizing and digitizing workflows in file sharing, building a new intranet, developing analyses and visualization, and much more. You will be part of a progressive and social team where your role will revolve around developing features and implementing Power Platform and SharePoint together with employees and consultants from the vendors. The role will result in a developer position, but you do not need to have deep techical knowledge to fit into the requirements profile. If you have knowledge of coding, fast learner and a drive to learn more, this is a suitable position for you!

Driver Performance – Customer Digitalization As part of the Driver Performance - Customer Digitalization team, you work with the development of digital services aimed to improving a driver's performance. For example, the products collect data on how much fuel is consumed and the quality of the driver's performance - to then be able to make recommendations on how this can be improved and how the customer can, in turn, save both fuel and energy. The products are developed in .NET/C#, Angular, AWS, Gitlab and Python and the team is responsible for the entire development process from requirements gathering to architecture, development, testing and deployment. The team has also started investigating how to use machine learning to improve the handling of data and further develop the products. So, if machine learning is something you are interested in, there is also an opportunity to grow in this field! You will be a part of a multicultural team that is proud in its product and values the unique contributions that each team member brings to the table!

Issue Management The Issue Management team develop IT system support for issue management in product development and error reporting from production, workshops, and retailers. The work here involves the life cycle management of the IT services for which the team is responsible. This involves requirements analysis, programming, configuration, software maintenance, testing and user support, depending on individual skills and motivation. Scania Product IT, which includes the Issue Management value stream, is facing a very exciting development to meet future demands for environmentally friendly and autonomous transport solutions. The product is primarily developed in JavaScript, BMC ARS Remedy and PyScript

SWS – Scania Workshop Suite As part of this team, you belong to aftermarket and work with the SWS - Scania Workshop Suite system. The focus is on the truck after it is produced and sold to the customer and used by the workshops. The goal for the customer is to not have to have their trucks at the workshops and once you get there, you want to be able to quickly fix the problem and get back on the road! SWS helps to solve the problems and reduce the financial impact for the customer, which in turn leads to Scania's trucks becoming more attractive - you are thus working with a product that is very important to Scania's business. The product is developed in .NET/C#, Angular and TypeScript, is cloud-based and implemented in AWS. The group consists of 25 people divided into 5 teams and you will collaborate with both developers and product owners. The majority are senior developers making this a perfect opportunity to come in as a junior and learn from the best! Here you find yourself in an open climate where you dare to say what you think and feel, and we are looking for you who are good at collaborating and who are not afraid to ask to learn!

Digital Dealer As part of the team working with Digital Dealer, you will work with the development of a web application that is used by Scania's workshops. The platform is developed in Kotlin and is used, for example, to plan when the trucks need service, which technicians are on duty and available, and to monitor active vehicles to bring them in for repair and maintenance just in time, not too early but not too late. The group consists of 43 team members divided into 7 teams, mostly senior developers but also some former I-talents! The focus is above all back-end development in Kotlin, but if you want to develop more in the front end in the long run, there are also room for that. The team has a big focus on collaboration with a lot of pair and mob programming and we are looking for you who are curious, share your ideas but also dare to make mistakes and develop from it. And above all – you really want to develop your programming skills!

Product Development IT As part of Product Development IT, you are between business and IT and work with products that Scania's internal R&D uses and which to some extent consist of third-party solutions. The applications support everything related to Life Cycle Management and can, for example, be tools for managing development projects, requirement-management tools, and procurement tools and all of these are related to different legislation, which makes the products very important from a safety perspective for Scania. The risk analysis tool is used, for example, to make an analysis of the truck's signals, how it is controlled, and which physical risks may arise to prevent accidents. You will also have a lot of contact with the users and the products are mainly developed in Java, JavaScript, Python and Velocity. You will be part of a multicultural team with 10 other colleagues and your immediate manager, some of whom are former I-talents! You will have a close collaboration with the rest of the team, and they do also come up with activities such as aw's, picnics, badminton and other social events outside of work as well. In addition, this is a team where they stand up for each other, take great responsibility and we are looking for you who have a great interest in becoming a better programmer. You don't have to know everything at the start, but the important thing is your commitment to learn!

Driver Display The Driver Display team is responsible for implementing business logic for driver notifications, icons, menu pages, settings and other driver display functions and thus develops the software in the vehicle (embedded development). The product ensures that the drivers can use the many functions in Scania's vehicles as efficiently as possible and together they increase the value of the products through good software. As the team works with the development of functionality that directly affects the vehicle's driver, this means that you will work close to the physical product and the development is mainly in C++. The team consists of both product owners, Scrum Master and developers and former I-talents as well! You will be part of a team with different personalities, experiences, from different cultures and with a lot of engineering humor ;) The role suits you who are good at problem solving, have good cooperation skills and a desire to understand how all functions and parts work together. You dare to ask for help and are motivated by challenge yourself and for this, you have a supportive team working together to develop a really good product!

IT-Legal As part of the Legal IT team, you will be developing an application that enables Scania to comply with product legislation by creating scalable and modular solutions. Their product enables Scania to follow guidelines related to emissions, chemical substances and export control. The product is mainly developed in .NET/C#, Python and Angular, and is implemented in AWS. The group consists of a diverse and competent team with good experience of onboarding I-talents. In the team you will have the opportunity to further develop yourself in an agile group that works with the entire development chain.

We are looking for

In this recruitment, we will place great emphasis on your personal qualities and your interest in both the position and Scania as a company. We are looking for committed and talented problem solvers who are happy to come up with new ideas about how things can be improved. You also have great cooperation skills and take responsibility for your own learning. If you do, there are endless opportunities to develop. For example, former I-talents now have both leadership and specialist roles!


Be clear in your CV and personal letter which 2-3 roles you are mainly interested in and why. Furthermore, you have…

  • A post-secondary education in computer science, electronics, mechatronics etc.
  • Knowledge of one of the languages Java, C#, Kotlin, C++, C, TypeScript or Python
  • Knowledge of frontend frameworks such as React, Angular or Vue
  • Graduate in spring 2024 or has up to maximum 2 years of work experience when the program starts in september 2024
  • Very good knowledge in English as it´s the primary language you will use in your daily work


  • For some of the roles, it will be seen as a merit if you have knowledge in Swedish

The recruitment process

  • Phone interview with Academic Work
  • Tests (problem solving + personality)
  • In-depth interview with Academic Work
  • Interview with Scania (for some positions, you will also complete a programming test)
  • References + decision
  • Interviews with Scania will take place on November 16th and December 14th and in Q1.

Other information

- Start: September 2024 - Extent: Full-time, fixed-term employment for 6 months with a good chance of continue your career at Scania after the program - Location: Södertälje and with the possibility of remote work a few days a week - The recruitment process is handled by Academic Work and all questions regarding the process are handled by Academic Work. - Contact details: Responsible recruitment consultants Johanna Sörell, Emelie Säfbom, and Milly Ellqvist Weidstam,

Our recruitment process

This recruitment process is handled by Academic Work and it is our client’s wish that all questions regarding the position is directed to Academic Work.

Our selection process is continuous and the advert may close before the recruitment process is completed if we have moved forward to the next phase. The process includes two tests: one personality test and one cognitive test. The tests are tools to find the right talent for the right position, to enable equality, diversity, and a fair process.

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