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Talent Advisory Showcase

Over the years, AW Talent Advisory has been involved in over 500 customer-specific cases in Sweden. With our expertise in both strategy and campaigning, we have helped our customers become more attractive employers. Here you will find a small selection of customer-specific cases we have been responsible for. Enjoy!

1. Food truck

Customer: Aspia

Background: The customer wanted to strengthen their position as an attractive employer amongst economy students at selected universities.

Solution: We designed and branded a food truck in Aspia’s colors and went out on a tour at selected schools and universities. At each stop, employees at Aspia handed out 300 kebabs to the students which enabled the company to, in an easy way, make contact and have conversations with students about a career at Aspia.

2. Lecture Techarenan

Customer: Techarenan Summit (a yearly recurring conference with focus on how technology and entrepreneurship can tackle the challenges of the future)

Background: Academic Work was invited to give their perspective on the market and concrete tips that are adaptable for both scale-up companies and bigger companies.

Solution: Our Head of Talent Advisory, Markus Åberg, created a lecture adapted to the specific target group and context. The results were a highly attended keynote lecture on the latest insights on what the talent market actually look like, what trends we see among companies and how they act, misconceptions about changes in the world and clear recommendations on how you should think and act to successfully solve the need for competence in a difficult market.

3. Spisa med Aspia

Customer: Aspia

Background: The customer wanted to build their employer brand towards new employees in an innovative way. One requirement was that the receiver should get an employee perspective on how Aspia actually is as an employer and how it is working within different roles.

Solution: We created a concept where we went away from the classic interview, and instead, we hired two well-known food influencers (from the podcast “Recept, tack”) to record a Youtube series which we called “Spisa med Aspia”. In the series, Niklas and Jerka (from “Recept, tack”) met different employees from Aspia while they had dinner and interview the employees in more light-hearted circumstances.

4. YPAI lecture

Customer: Axis Communications

Background: The client have a consistent need to attract elusive competence and need to make sure that they keep an eye out on the talent market to stay relevant and attractive. They requested that we, in a time-efficient way, would inspire, but also challenge their managers to ensure that they get a perspective on the market but also sturdy advice to work with.

Solution: We put together an adjusted version of out YPAI presentation with focus on the areas that were most relevant for Axis, and answered spontaneous questions at one of the large executives gatherings that had around 90 leaders attending.

Outcome: The last 5 years, Academic Work has been invited back to keep giving insights, inspire and challenge Axis leaders with both adjusted and tailored lectures.

This is an example of a fairly common phenomenon where Academic Work participates in leadership conferences to educate/inspire/challenge managers to succeed better in their leadership. We have carried out hundreds of these with customized arrangements between 30 minutes - 3 hours.

5. Powertalks

Customer: Sweco

Background: Sweco Sweden wanted to highlight their health initiative and raise awareness amongst students. They wanted a creative campaign where their CEO visit campus with the purpose of sharing information about Sweco Sweden, and the importance of employee’s well-being as well as their initiatives within the area.

Solution: We arranged a tour at different universities and schools where Sweco Swedens CEO gave a lecture on how a sustainable work climate is maintained. To create interest in this, we advertised an opportunity for 12 students to go on a powerwalk with the CEO, followed by a luxurious breakfast and discussions. It was an incredibly successful case where Sweco Sweden where able to really communicate how they manage this question. The campaign got allot of attention and Sweco Sweden really showed that they take this question in the highest regard with the attendance of their CEO.